Releasing Old Emotions


Most of us have been taught to ignore and squash down our feelings to the point that many of us are so numb that we have no idea how to allow ourselves to feel. This ultimately causes blockages within the energy system and creates illness and dis-ease within our physical bodies. I believe that one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is in learning how to get in touch with our feelings in order to let them go. The more we learn to do this, we become able to feel our feelings in the moment and as we do so they pass through us rather than getting stuck, creating problems physically, emotionally and mentally.

There are many different modalities that aid us in releasing our old, stuck emotions, the ones that we have buried deeply within our energy systems and within our physical bodies, which comprise of both talking and non-talking therapies. Personally, I find that energy work with the aid of conversation helps to create profound shifts that help my clients to release old learnt behaviours and stagnant limiting beliefs that they aren’t even aware have been running the show for them.

The Role of the Subconscious Mind

As I work, I’m channelling energy to support the shifts in a client’s energy field, but our conversations together are also an important part of the healing process. I am open to their questions but will also ask them questions to gently guide them in their release. Sometimes a client might ask me, ‘do I have to answer that?’ My response is usually ‘no, you need to be honest with yourself but you don’t need or have to tell me.’ I believe as we chat that the subconscious mind, which is always listening, often comes to the realisation of ‘oh, I can let go of that!’

In my view, our subconscious mind is trying to keep us safe and often holds on to old learnt behaviours and out-dated beliefs that, once released, enable us to let go of the old energy that has been stopping us or blocking us from moving forwards in positive ways. Each person’s release is personal to them; some people don’t feel the energy moving during a session and others can feel it so much so that it makes them feel nauseous – some even have a very physical release. Clients often report feeling extremely tired after a session and need to have a snooze, and they might feel a little discombobulated at first, but this is common and will pass.

The reason for this discombobulated feeling is that when you arrive for a healing session, being out of balance is your normal, so as we work together to rebalance your energy system it initially feels weird, a bit like having sea legs once you’re back on land but as your energy recalibrates you settle into your new normal. Many of my clients report feeling emotional after a healing session and this too is very normal. Through our collective we have often been taught to suppress our emotions, so it becomes our default behaviour. These suppressed emotions get buried deep within the body: in our muscles, our bones, our organs and in our chakras. As we work together to excavate these old deeply buried emotions it can be uncomfortable releasing them but ultimately, the benefits outweigh the initial discomfort and we begin to feel lighter and brighter. Life begins to fall into place; life begins to flow in beautiful ways.

Leaning Into and Breathing Into Discomfort

I often suggest to clients that they lean into and breathe into any discomfort that might arise as this assists in the release of those sticky suppressed feelings, and I often offer visualisations too which also aids the release of deeply buried emotions that are not wanting readily to release. It’s amazing how different clients can look after a session. It is also important to remember that some releases are subtle but by no means any the less for the positive changes that take place. We are all different, thank goodness, so each and every one of us will release in different way. There is no right or wrong way, it’s about being gentle with yourself, trusting the process and allowing yourself to let go.

Sometimes it can take more than one session to stabilise a new way of being – remember, we’ve spent lifetimes trying not to feel our feelings so it can take a little longer to release old pains and hurts stored in the body, and it can often take more than one session to let go of traumas held within the body, but once they have been freed we can begin to step into a new way of being. Emotional release can be uncomfortable but the benefits outweigh the initial discomfort. It can be truly life changing!

Please do get in touch if you’d like my support, I’d love to assist you on your healing journey and guide you through meditation. You can contact me on +61 4 2451 8884 or email

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