Do you have questions about meditation?

I have included a few of some of the most commonly asked questions I’m asked about meditation below, but if what you would like to know isn’t answered here then please do reach out and ask me – I am more than happy to help.

Definitely not. The lovely thing about meditation is that it’s accessible for everyone. You might have heard people referring to having a meditation ‘practice’ and the reason for that is because no-one ever achieves a defined goal with it: put simply, it’s something we engage with as an ongoing practice.

Everyone who books on to a session receives a recording with two weeks’ worth of access to it – this enables all participants to meditate at home and more than once, if you’d like to. I’m a firm believer that it doesn’t matter where we meditate as long as we create the time and space to engage with our practice. If you are in a different time zone to me then the beauty of having the recording is that you can listen to it at a time which suits you.

No, all recordings are via a Zoom link and you have access to them for two weeks. This allows for an overlap of access to two different meditations and each one can be listened to multiple times during the two-week period.

Guided meditation gives the monkey mind a job to do because you will be listening and following the instructions – which can make it easier for you to enter a state of relaxation. This type of meditation is accessible to those new to meditations as well as those who meditate regularly and are wishing to deepen and strengthen their meditation practice.

This happens to all of us sometimes and it’s nothing to worry about. What I find helps me on days like this is if I go away to do something else and come back to the meditation a little later on. Even when we don’t experience that wonderful Zen moment, we are still reaping the benefits of committing to a meditative practice.

Whilst each of the sessions is centred on a different theme, broadly speaking, each meditation contains the following: a breathing exercise to relax into the body, grounding and centring, a guided journey on the chosen theme, a period of silence and then being gently guided back into the heart centre and to the here and now.

If you’re joining a regular group, the length of the silence will depend on the length of the guided meditation – the meditation usually being around 40-45 minutes in duration (or sometimes longer). If everyone is new, the silence is shorter but we will build it up and the maximum time spent in silence is around 20 minutes.

I will say something along the lines of, “it’s time now to come back to the heart centre” and I will invite you to start making some gentle movements to bring you fully back into your physical body. There is also a grounding and centring element in each and every meditation session. 

Live your best life. And live it for you!

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