Welcome to my resources page. Want to sample my work? This is where you’ll find access to my FREE taster meditations, podcasts and more.

I write all of my meditations – many of them having been channelled – and I use a script to deliver my meditations to my clients. Each meditation begins with a relaxation process, focusing on the breath, prior to taking my clients through a grounding and centring exercise before the journey begins.

Healing Meditation

This is a taster of one of my healing mediations, and for the purposes of the taster the silence is shorter than normal. The aim is for you to be open to receiving a healing through this guided session, to allow yourself to let go of old pain and hurts, learnt behaviours and limiting beliefs that have been stopping and blocking you from moving forwards in positive and wonderful ways. It will also help with raising your vibration and expanding yourself energetically in positive ways. I do hope that you find it nourishing and helpful.

Relaxation Meditation

This is a taster of one of my relaxation meditations, and for the purposes of the taster the silence is shorter than normal. The aim is for you to let go and allow yourself to relax, stepping away from your to do lists as you allow your monkey mind to quieten; giving yourself time to rest and recharge your energy and being open to insights potentially dropping into your mind as it clears. I hope that you find this taster calming and relaxing.

Grounding & Centring Meditation

This is a taster of one of my grounding and centring meditations. Each and every one of my full meditations includes a grounding and centring process as I believe this to be an integral part of managing your own energy. I highly recommend that you ground and centre yourself every morning but if you are new to this process, you may need to do it more often until you feel confident and until you become aware of truly feeling yourself rooted within the heart of Mother Earth. 

This meditation is great to do if you have an important meeting, are sitting an exam or even if you are going out on a date. I do hope that you find it useful and supportive.

Soften & Open Your Heart Centre

This is a quick, easy and effective little exercise, particularly useful if you’re ever feeling overwhelmed. It’s a great way to centre yourself back in your physical body and assists you in softening and opening your heart centre. Give it a go and let me know how you get on.

The Shamums - Pippa Neve, Episode 16

The Shamums, Episode 16

Many of us will have preconceived concepts of Angels. You may feel you have an awareness of their presence around you or sometimes you feel deeply connected to an Angelic presence in times of change in your life. Whether you believe in them or not, they are around us. In this show I discuss Angels in all their forms and how we can generate a greater connection to these messengers. We look at the ways Angels communicate with us and speak about the simple way you can connect to your Angels right now.

Pippa Neve on Natural Healing

Interview with Becky Taylor

Interview with the lovely Becky Taylor on her Sounds a bit ‘Woo Woo’ to me podcast exploring Natural Healing and our innate ability to heal ourselves. We discuss how I work with clients to sense their energy and assist them in raising their vibration so they can connect with their own ability to heal.

Pippa Neve talks to MysticMag


Pippa talks with MysticMag, offering insights into her unique modalities and a passion for helping others navigate grief, embrace meditation, and experience the transformative power of Indigo Essences.

Natural Health Magazine

Natural Health Magazine

Pippa talks with Harriet Murrison at Natural Health Magazine about offering caring support and help for those struggling with bereavement.

Authority Magazine

Authority Magazine

Coping with change can be traumatic as it often affects every part of our lives. Pippa talks with Heidi Sander of Authority Magazine about the five things you need to heal after a dramatic loss or life change.

The Bases Project

Pippa speaks with Miles Johnston of The Bases Project about the different aspects of her healing treatments and the ideas behind her methods.

Fierce Truths

Fierce Truths Magazine

Issue No. 34

Pippa discusses the benefits of energy healing and how it is ‘Radox for the soul’.


Wellbeing Magazine

Feeling Your Feelings

Human emotions are energy in motion, and my perception of them is that they are beautiful gifts which help and inform us as to what’s working for us and what we need to release, look at and change.

Fierce Truths Magazine Issue 25

Fierce Truths Magazine

Issue No. 25

Discussing the importance of working with our shadow self and the power of self-acceptance as a tool to harness self-growth and personal sovereignty.

Psychic News

Issue No. 4210

Even though Spiritualism teaches the reality of life after death and communication with the Larger Life, some, but not all, Spiritualists find a loved one’s passing difficult to come to terms with. Pippa offers valuable advice on coping with grief.


Wellbeing Magazine

Moving Through Grief

The stages of grief aren’t always linear, and neither do they necessarily emerge one at a time. Pippa offers advice on how to move through the stages of grief.

Fierce Truths Magazine issue 23

Fierce Truths Magazine

Issue No. 23

Discussing the differences, and benefits, of Spiritual / Energy Healing versus Reiki.

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