Corporate Guided Meditation

Pippa Neve is a certified meditation guide who also offers corporate guided meditations.  

A guided meditation is an effortless and enjoyable team experience resulting in deep relaxation and works towards stress reduction. Pippa’s expertise will help your team members achieve a sense of calm and peacefulness. Working as a group helps to create a wonderful energy in which to meditate. 

Pippa Neve holds a Diploma in Guided Meditation (Dip.GM) and Self-Empowerment Workshops (Dip.SDT).

I am thrilled to be offering corporate meditations once again. If you are interested in more information, please do get in touch. Pippa

Benefits of Meditation

In today’s high-paced, high-pressured world, meditation has significant health benefits and is suitable for everyone. Some benefits are:

Reduces stress and tension

Increases concentration

Increases serotonin which influences mood

Creates a state of deep relaxation

Enhances energy flow

Increases confidence and personal empowerment