Pippa Neve - Meditation Guide

Meditate with Pippa offers a simple and easy way to relax and unwind from the day-to-day stresses of life.

Give yourself permission to let go, switch off, and rediscover yourself, as each meditation takes you on a wonderful healing journey of self-discovery and enlightenment and helps you to re-energise, cleanse, and relax in mind, body and spirit.

Meditation is an effortless and enjoyable experience resulting in deep relaxation and stress reduction. Working as a group helps to create a wonderful energy in which to meditate. All the groups are small and friendly. Come along and reap the benefits that meditating with Pippa is sure to bring. You won’t regret it!


Meditations include chakra balancing, healing journeys, journeys out in nature for relaxation and heart healing, heart opening meditations and much more. Pippa guides you into a place of inner stillness, into a place of inner peace as she leaves you for a maximum of 20 minutes, depending on the length of the overall meditation. She then brings you out of the meditation and makes sure that you are once again fully present in your physical body, in the here and now – which is a very important part of the session.

All of Pippa’s meditations are written with the intention to assist in your relaxation, healing and spiritual awakening; supporting you in raising your frequency and increasing your vibration to deepen and strengthen your connection to your higher self and your guides, guardians and angels. She prides herself on her warm and friendly approach to meditation, and has clients who have been coming to these sessions regularly for many years and still love the content and how deep they can go with their practice.

Guided Meditation Groups and Workshops

Weekly Sessions

One-to-one sessions or private small group sessions

Half-Day Workshops

Guided meditation for children from 8 years old upwards

Weekly Meditation Group

Room for Healing, Lilyfield

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Wherever you are in the world

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Wherever you are in the world

Relax, unwind and leave the stresses of day-to-day life behind

To find out more, please call Pippa on +61 4 2451 8884 or email hello@pippaneve.com.