The Modern Habit of Being Busy

How are you?

So, I am wondering how you are? Really and truly? I would genuinely love to know, as I’m highly aware that many of us are feeling the chaos of life all around us and it can be literally exhausting. I do hope you are safe and well and are taking the time to nourish yourself amidst what feels like the ever-increasing busy-ness of our modern lives.

What I have noticed is that many of us are in fact in the habit of keeping ourselves extremely busy, so much so that we are unable to answer the above question of ‘How are you?’ truthfully when asked. The natural, societally acceptable response is ‘Oh, I’m well, thank you!’ or, ‘Great, thanks,’ but if you take a moment to stop and connect within you might realise that there is more going on when you look beneath the surface.

The uncomfortable truth of it is this: By ‘keeping busy,’ you are in a sense of denial as to how you are truly feeling.

Keeping busy

Many of us have the tendency to keep so busy that we don’t allow ourselves the time to check in, let alone to admit that things aren’t as we’d like them to be in our lives. Most of us have learnt to, quite literally, avoid checking in with ourselves for fear of admitting things are more out of control than we know how to deal with. I understand that this can feel overwhelming and that temptation lends itself to locking those thoughts away in a neat and tidy box buried deep within in our bodies and minds.

As part of being human, we have various habits in place to numb any feelings of discomfort. We get caught up in our actions; we rush around like headless chickens, staying so busy in order to avoid any acknowledgement of our true, innermost feelings. There are numerous tell-tale ways that we do this, including focusing on those around us rather than ourselves, whether it be our partner, children, parents or friends and family in general. Many of us keep ourselves so busy with our work that we have no time or energy to go within. We have a tendency to control what we perceive to be the controllable so that we don’t have to look deeper into what we understand to be out of control, namely our feelings and emotions, but when we take the time to stop, to feel, to breathe and to allow these feelings to be felt then almost miraculously, they begin to release.

Pause for a moment

I would like you to pause for a moment, place your hand on your heart, close your eyes and ask yourself this question – honestly – and witness what bubbles up inside you: By keeping so busy, are you trying to avoid acknowledging a state of discomfort, whether that’s physically, mentally, emotionally and or spiritually?

When we take the time to pause in the manner of checking in with our feelings, what’s beautiful is that we begin to receive an innate sense of how to deal with all that is going on around us; we begin to feel a peace inside that gives us the clarity, the courage and the energy to move forwards, to step into the positive flow of love, laughter, happiness and joy – essentially, to live our best lives.

The gift of healing

The gift of healing is a perfect tool for bringing pause and stillness into our busy lives. It teaches us to lean into the discomfort we may be experiencing rather than to pull back from it as we work together to release the old pains and hurts and old traumas stored in the body. Healing can improve your health and energy levels, can help with poor sleep, alleviates stress, anxiety and depression, and it helps with releasing fears and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you. It can work on clearing emotional issues and experiences from your past that have been holding you back, enabling you to feel grounded, centred, calm and refreshed and – most importantly – it aids you in finding a positive way forwards with all manner of situations in your life.

Please do get in touch if you are interested in exploring whether healing might be a nurturing and supportive tool for you, or call me on +61 4 2451 8884.

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