Miracles Do Happen!

The most magical thing happened to me recently and I’m so excited to be sharing it with you!

I have known for over 40 years that I have a half-sister and have longed to meet her for a very long time, but all I knew was her birth mother’s first name and had no idea whether my father’s name was even on her birth certificate. I therefore thought that I had no way of finding her other than by doing a DNA test, which I wasn’t keen to do. Even so, I had a very strong belief that one day we would connect, and to help this to come into being I asked the Universe to support my dream, hoping and wishing that one day my sister would find me and get in touch. Amazingly she did, just recently!

Unbeknownst to me, one of my cousins had chosen to do a DNA test, so when my sister finally decided to do the same it came up as a possible first cousin match and she was able to access my cousin’s family tree. As luck would have it, someone had given my sister the name of her biological father about 10 years ago, so I can only imagine her excitement at seeing her father’s name on my cousin’s family tree. At last she had a lead to finding out about her father and whether she had any half siblings on her father’s side of her family.

To the delight of both my brother and I, our sister reached out, writing a lovely card which showed the greatest care and respect for the information she was sharing as understandably, she had no idea whether we knew of her existence or not. The card was sent to my brother, who, like her, is based in the UK, and he immediately contacted me with the news. I was super excited but to my surprise, I slept well that night as in truth, the enormity of it all hadn’t yet sunk in. However, by the morning, I could feel my emotions beginning to overwhelm me and I realised that I needed to go for a walk in order to clear my head and to begin the process of feeling my emotions, letting them rise within me and allowing them to move through me.

Whilst I was out walking that first morning, I began to think thoughts such as what if she doesn’t like me? and worried that maybe she wouldn’t understand or even approve of my chosen career. Having a website, I am obviously more visible than most people, and yet I knew very little about her – at this moment I didn’t even know what she looked like. All these emotions were initially overwhelming but I knew I was on a journey of discovery and that I had to allow it all to unfold in its own sweet way. As I managed my own emotions, I knew I also needed to be 100% respectful of what my sister wanted and needed from finding her new family.

This scenario was something I had wished for and hoped of for a number of years, but now I was faced with the reality of the situation and knew that it wouldn’t necessarily unfold as I had imagined it many times. The realty would be different and I needed to not only allow myself to feel my feelings, but I also needed to allow everything to unfold in its own sweet way. As I walked, I began to sob; I wasn’t just crying, I was almost gasping for air – a pure mixture of raw emotions: excitement, overwhelm and lots of what ifs.

Although my sister had reached out to us, I was aware that she may only want to know about her biological father and any health issues that may in time affect her family, and I realised that might well be all that she desired. Whilst I had always imagined us getting to know one another and hoped that in time we would become friends, I could only dare to hope that she would also want a relationship with her new family – with me.

My brother initially had a brief telephone conversation with her and left it up to me to make contact for myself. As I reached out, I understood that my sister was being very respectful; she didn’t know yet what I did or didn’t know and wasn’t wanting to barge in with earth shattering news. Luckily, we quickly agreed to chat over the phone and it was so exciting. Our initial conversation was for about an hour and we didn’t run out of things to say, however, it was quite overwhelming, so we agreed to let everything sink in and to chat again very soon. Since then, we have chatted regularly: we text and email and we are taking the journey of getting to know one another slowly.

It is difficult to explain, but I feel a sense of inner contentment to finally be in contact with a sister I was aware of but that I knew nothing about. We’ve both agreed that it is incredibly emotional and sad that it’s taken us so long to find one another, but we are finally sharing our stories and getting to know each other after so many years of wondering. I was lucky as I was able to chat with my father about his ‘other daughter’ a few times and it now feels so amazing to be able to share these conversations with my sister so that she knows that she was loved – she IS loved!

I have always felt a great sadness in regard to my father and this missing piece of his jigsaw, and I feel sure that he would be thrilled that my brother and I now have the opportunity to get to know our sister. We have even chatted about both her birth parents orchestrating our meeting, sitting on their fluffy cloud beaming love and support for all that is unfolding. My aunt once told me that my father talked about finding my sister’s mother and I truly believe that she was the love of his life. We have spoken of the sadness of not finding each other earlier, yet we have also agreed that everything has its own divine timing. I am so enjoying getting to know her, we have shared some photographs and I think she looks gorgeous – I finally have a big sister! I have shown a few people her photograph and everybody agrees that there is a family resemblance. I feel complete in a way that I cannot put into words, in a way that I had neither anticipated nor expected. I am now super excited to be heading over to the UK and meeting her in person very soon. I hope she’s ready for a huge hug, a few tears and lots and lots of laughter!

I hope that our relationship will continue to grow from strength to strength. I have two new nephews and a new great niece to get to know, so the future looks rosy from my present vantage point. I not only look forward to getting to know my long-lost half-sister better, but I am also looking forward to us becoming friends. I can’t wait to give her a hug and to spend quality time with her and my brother, sharing the bond of love, laughter and joy, and I very much hope that our relationship blossoms into a beautiful sisterhood. Welcome to the family, beautiful soul!!!

Please do get in touch if you’d like my support. I’d love to assist you on your healing journey and guide you through empowering meditations as you connect ever more deeply into who you truly are. Contact me on +61 4 2451 8884 or email hello@pippaneve.com.

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