Indigo Essences

Indigo Essences

Indigo Essences are made with the energy from crystals, therefore having a closer resonance with the physical body, due to the crystalline structures within the human body. They were originally created to assist the Indigo Children helping us to work with the child inside, our ‘Inner Child’.

These essences are a powerful tool in the healing process as they have the ability to work on our emotions in profound ways, offering the potential to change the way you are feeling, in a safe, gentle and effective way. They are perfect for adults and children alike. Indigo Essences can assist on an individual’s healing journey either on their own or in conjunction with healing sessions.

The Indigo Essence Range

There are seven essences in the range, each with a specific healing property and benefit

  • New Child Series
  • Combinations for Kids
  • New Energy Series
  • Crisis Essences
  • Crystal Series
  • The Pink Essences
  • Gold Series
Indigo Essences with Pippa Neve

Embark on your healing journey

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Bespoke Essences

Pippa Neve - Indigo Essences Practitioner

Pippa can create a tailor-made essence to suit your specific needs or those of someone you love.

Intentions set for individual essences include permitting positive qualities such as love, confidence and grounding to override negative emotions, or in helping to release negative qualities for example, helping to let go of ‘fear’ or ‘anger’.

Pre-Prepared Mixes

Balance – Helps to bring the body back in to balance, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, balancing our male and female energy, and assisting us to feel present and at peace.

Bereavement – Intuitively mixed to help those experiencing a sense of loss whether through death or the breakup of a relationship and supporting the different stages of grief.

Exam Essence – An essence intuitively mixed to help those studying for and when sitting exams, stay calm, grounded and focused.  Great for anyone studying at any level.

Meditation – An essence to aid your meditation practice, helping to bring you into balance, keeping you grounded and assisting you in opening your heart centre and to be at peace.

Move Forwards – Assists on life’s journey, and great for those stepping onto a new path or in need of support or at a cross-roads in their journey.

Uplift – Healing the heart on a soul level.

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