My daughter really enjoyed her first healing and is looking forward to some more. She told me that she had the best sleep after her first session.  Thank you so much, I have had an absolutely wonderful weekend with her. I have not seen her ‘real’ self in a very long time.


My healing session with Pippa was an incredible and a beautiful experience. Pippa’s approach is gentle and comforting. She creates a safe place for opening up and letting go. I felt much lighter and happier in my body and mind. Thank you Pippa.

Vera Huntink

I experienced the most wonderful energy healing session with Pippa from the comfort of my bed in the UK, right before I was ready to settle down for the evening. Pippa immediately put me at ease, such is the gentle but powerful nature of her vibration, and was sensitive to the fact that I might not be too responsive throughout our time together due to the lateness of the hour. What followed was a beautiful session where I was bathed in soothing, recalibrating energy before we took an etheric visit to one of my favourite places in the world (unbeknownst to Pippa beforehand!) – The Chalice Well Gardens in Glastonbury, UK. I was reminded of the presence of a powerful guide, Mary Magdalene, and my soul was given some beautiful reassurance and support. Thank you so much, Pippa. Your work is truly a gift.

Yorkshire, UK

Pippa is a remarkable healer with warmth and knowledge. Her energy and ability to balance your body through healing and meditation has restored my inner self. I love my sessions with Pippa and feel like a new person after every visit.

Jackie R

Pippa is an amazing healer who has helped me get through immense anxiety when I was diagnosed with cancer. She immediately makes you feel at ease with her calm nature and angelic voice. Pippa really has a true gift. I highly recommend Pippa if you are feeling anxious, going though grief, loss or need to deal with past trauma, I truly believe Pippa is the on to get you through and balanced with her magical healing powers.

Maria S

Pippa’s methods and ability to tune into exactly what is wrong has been such a valuable resource, particularly when you’re stuck in a rut.

Stephanie K

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