Exchanging Energy: Giving and Receiving

Have you noticed how some people drain you and others invigorate you?

Whether you have consciously noticed it or not, it is all about an exchange of energy and the more we grow in awareness of our own energy, the more we become aware of how others affect us too. We also learn how to manage our energy so that we are not knocked off balance by others and by all that is going on in the world around us.

Many of us think of giving and receiving as something tangible, a present to unwrap; a wonderful gift or surprise for a loved one, a gift of thanks, possibly for a birthday or Christmas, or a reward for a job done well but as joyful as it is receiving gifts, we are also giving and receiving energy in each and every moment, whether we are conscious of it or not.

Take a moment, close your eyes and imagine breathing in the love and support that surrounds you, in this and every moment. Open yourself to seeing, feeling or imagining this love and support flowing through and around you, through every cell and every molecule of your being. As you begin to relax, as you feel yourself beginning to soften, begin to breathe out love and appreciation for all the love and support that you are receiving. You might begin to feel yourself expanding into this beautiful exchange of gloriously giving and receiving.

The Three Forms of Energy Exchange

I often explain to my clients that there are three forms of energy exchange:

1. Can you remember a time you were really looking forward to going to an event or meeting up with friends for an evening out? You’re feeling excited but you return home feeling drained, flat and wondering what all the excitement was about. You feel tired and exhausted, as if someone has sucked the life out of you, and more than likely you know who it was!

2. On other occasions when you go out and come home having had an enjoyable time, this is when you have been sharing energy with another in a mutual exchange of giving and receiving energy. Imagine your friend does something for you so in return you do something of equal value for them.

3. Finally, there are other occasions where you might not be looking forward to going out, you already feel tired and would prefer to stay at home and relax but you feel honour bound to go. Guess what, you have an amazing time and you come home
buzzing from the experience! This final form of exchange is the best feeling, it’s when we give and receive energy with one another but each time our energy expands through this exchange. Imagine doing something for your friend, in return they do
something even better for you, a bigger gift to show their love, their gratitude and support. You then give them something bigger once again and on it goes. This is not a competition; it is a natural expansion of energy – the most wonderful gift of love and support. You enjoy the exchange of doing something more by way of showing your gratitude.

The Importance of Grounding and Centring

We are spiritual being, souls on a journey through life, here to learn and grow. As we open into the love and support that surrounds us, as we open into the exchange of positive energy for mutual expansion, we step into the co-creative energies with universal energy and life begins to flow. We move forwards on our soul’s journey, shining our light out into the world, giving permission for others to do the same as we shimmer and shine because we are showing others how to shimmer, shine and sparkle too.

By grounding and centring yourself every day you will begin to protect yourself from those who drain you. As you place a bubble of shimmering energy around your energy field it acts as a filter so that you are able to give and receive. You step into co-creative flow, you become mutually expansive and it protects you from allowing others to drain you of your beautiful energy so that you can move through your day with grace and ease.

Take some time to look at the people in your life, observe who drains you and who lifts you up. Spend time with those that love and support you, those who rejoice in all that you are. Notice the shift in how you feel with family, friends and work colleagues. Choose who you share your energy with and observe how you feel. Do this in order to become the best version of yourself and to assist others in doing the same.

Each one of us is surrounded by the love and support of the universe. We have an invisible team watching over us, whispering guidance and support, nudging us in positive, loving ways, helping us to make constructive choices. Much of my work is assisting my clients to open into receiving this love and support, opening to receiving and then sending love and gratitude back into the universe for all that we receive. As we step into this universal flow, life begins to unfold in optimistic and wonderful ways.

Please do get in touch if you’d like my support, I’d love to assist you on your healing journey and guide you through meditation. You can contact me on +61 4 2451 8884 or email hello@pippaneve.com.

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