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Welcome to my blog page. Here I share with you my thoughts and feelings on topics relating to healing and meditation that are close to my heart. Hopefully that are informative and helpful to you.

Feeling your Feelings

Feeling your Feelings

Human emotions are energy in motion, and my perception of them is that they are beautiful gifts which help and inform us as to what’s working for us and what…
Shadow self

Self-Acceptance & The Shadow Self

As a society, many of us are taught to be extremely self-critical There’s a voice we have in our heads that is always telling us that we are not good…

Do Healers Need Healing?

I was recently given a nudge by the Universe to share my thoughts (that have been bubbling away for quite some time!) on the subject of whether healers need healing…
Moving through grief

Moving Through Grief

I have been sitting with my thoughts around grief for quite some time after the fairly recent passing of my mother, having found that it uncovered a whole myriad of…
Spiritual / Energy Healing v Reiki

Spiritual / Energy Healing v Reiki

As an accredited spiritual / energy healer, I would like to share with you the similarities and differences between spiritual / energy healing and Reiki because I find that this…

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