Embracing Change

I often spend time pondering on the topic of my next post before ideas begin to percolate and take shape. I have noticed many of my conversations with friends and clients alike have been around the topic of change and how we choose to react when it occurs. Consequently, I very much felt that the Universe was guiding me to write about the concept of Embracing Change, so here goes!

Change comes in all shapes and sizes

Not only can change be both expected or unexpected, it can also be a delight, and it can rock us to our very core. Sometimes changes are seemingly imposed upon us that we would never choose of our own volition, yet deep down, I do believe that good can come of all the types of change we experience through the journey of our lives. I believe that the bumps in the road on this journey are placed there to assist us and guide us onto our true path, and this shift in perspective has, in turn, shifted everything for me.

Fear of change

So many of us fear change, using much of our energy to resist it at all costs. This can be a truly exhausting way to move through life, meaning that we often miss out on so many new and exciting experiences along the way.

I know that for my younger self, I was terrified of change, and my fear of the unknown and what might happen was crippling, meaning I lost out on so many wonderful opportunities. At the opposite end of the spectrum, there are others that court change at every twist and turn, even going so far as upsetting the applecart to force it on those around them as much as for themselves. Like all good things in life, there is a happy balance to be struck between the two, a sweet spot where we can gently drift in the slipstream life has to offer us, embracing change when it appears as we learn to go with the flow of life.

We need change

We actually need change both as individuals and as a collective in order for us to evolve, to enable us to learn and grow and in order for things to improve for the better, we need to be open to change. I hear numerous people talking about the ‘new normal’ following on from the pandemic, but so many of us have tried to keep things the way they were before. At present, many of the structures of our society are outdated and need to be transformed – and we are going through challenging times as these old structures begin to crumble – but this also gives us an exciting opportunity to create positive changes and update societal systems as we and the world around us evolves

The ripple effect of embracing change

As we embrace these positive changes happening all around us, we create a ripple effect, helping others to embrace change too. As you focus on changing yourself, others around you will begin to change and ultimately, we can create a state of harmony.

What’s truly beautiful is that as we open our hearts and minds to embracing the beneficial changes happening we become an example to others, encouraging them to embrace the changes in their own lives. As we begin to focus our energy on the changes that are taking place (that we may have no control over, as often as not), new and exciting opportunities come our way. If on the other hand we put our energies into resisting the changes which are often inevitable, not only is it exhausting but the opportunities often pass us by – as they did for my younger self – going unnoticed, because we are essentially resisting the unknown.

One thing I’ve truly come to learn as important is this: How we react to the changes we experience effects the outcome of them. 

Nothing should stay the same forever; change is inevitable so why not make it as positive an experience as possible? As we shift our attitude to change itself, we can create a positive impact on the outcome and we can transform all of our futures in positive ways

How healing and guided meditation can help with embracing change

If you need some support, both healing and guided meditation are excellent tools to assist you as you move through change, whether big or small, whether of your choice or imposed on you by someone or something. Take time to allow yourself to feel your feelings, allow yourself to feel any fear, any pain or hurt caused by the change you have experienced and let it move thorough you, let it go.

Give yourself permission to go gently, taking one step at a time and as we work together, we will gently dissolve away any fear, any blocks in your energy field so that you have the clarity to move forwards again in deliciously wonderful ways.

Please do get in touch if you’d like my support on your healing journey, or call me on +61 4 2451 8884.

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