Feeling your Feelings

Human emotions are energy in motion, and my perception of them is that they are beautiful gifts which help and inform us as to what’s working for us and what we need to release, look at and change.

Most of us were told that we were “too sensitive” when we were little because we showed our emotions – I know that I certainly was, and hearing that can leave its mark. We truly felt our feelings and we knew, just as children do, how to express our joy, our anger, our fear etc., but over time we were taught to suppress those powerful feelings. We slowly and surely learnt to push them down, making ourselves become numb to our emotions. This saddens me because our emotions are one of the greatest gifts we have to truly know ourselves. I believe that Earth is a school for spiritual beings to learn to feel with their emotions. Put simply, our emotions are energy in motion; they are meant to be felt and as we truly learn to feel them, we can let them move through us with grace and ease – and what a beautiful thing that is.

What happens when we ignore our emotions?

We have all learnt to ignore our emotions; to suppress them, to squash them down and not allow ourselves to truly feel our feelings. Gradually over time, these squashed emotions slowly create blocks in our energy flow, ultimately leading to dis-ease in the body and mental disharmony. I’ve come to observe that when this happens, life doesn’t tend to flow in the way we’d like it to. By this I mean that things can seem to go wrong: our relationships are more difficult to maintain, we don’t get the promotions we’ve been working so hard to achieve, we lose out on the home we wanted to purchase, etc etc. – I am sure you will understand what I mean here.

The role of the body and energy healing in releasing stuck emotions

As we give ourselves permission once again to learn to feel our feelings; learning to acknowledge them as we gently teach ourselves (with compassion) to breathe into the pain rather than push it away, these blocks begin to release, our energy begins to move more freely once again and our lives begin to flow. We find that we begin to move in the positive slip stream of life once again as things start to fall into place. My job as a healer is to help people to release the old emotions that have been pushed down time and time again in order to heal the pain and to free the old, stagnant emotions, historic learnt behaviour and limiting beliefs as they are released in the nurturing and safe container of a session. Healing is a wonderful tool for this, but I am also a big advocate for meditation, walking in nature, journalling, speaking to a professional or chatting to someone you trust to support your healing journey further.

Our propensity to heal

The human body has a natural propensity to heal, but it is often our learnt behaviour and limiting beliefs that stop this from happening. The memory of the painful experience is stored with the intent to help keep us safe, but unfortunately this often means that we are also storing the pain itself. So as we release the pain, the body is then able to keep the learning from the negative experience, enabling you to move forwards with letting go of past trauma in an empowered and positive way.

When I work one-to-one with clients during healing sessions and when I work with my meditation clients, I invite them to allow themselves to really feel their feelings, to give themselves permission to cry in the safe space I create as they release old, outdated pains, hurts and traumas stored within their bodies. As humans we instinctively try to move away from any pain we feel within the body, but I encourage my clients to breathe into it. It’s important to point out that in doing so, yes, sometimes the pain initially intensifies – but then it releases as the healing takes place. This inevitably results in my clients feeling lighter and brighter within themselves, and there’s often a palpable sense of relief.

Releasing old emotions

Energy healing is one of the most effective ways of releasing old emotions stored within the physical body. The benefits are far-reaching, including feeling a renewed sense of power to engage with life and the curveballs it throws at us in the healthiest and most positive way.

Please do get in touch if you’d like my support on your own healing journey, or call me on +61 4 2451 8884.

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