Why Energy Healing is Radox for the Soul


The Purpose of Energy Healing

The purpose of energy healing is to work with the energy flowing through your energy field and through your physical body, helping to raise your energetic vibration. We are spiritual beings in physical bodies and we experience life through our thoughts, emotions and interactions with one another – the good, the bad and everything in between. Our energy flow varies depending on what we are experiencing in any given moment, whether we are aware of it or not.

When we are open to feeling our feelings, they move through us with ease, but when we supress them, they get stuck and our energy flow begins to slow, often becoming stagnant and stuck. Emotions we don’t allow ourselves to feel get buried within our physical bodies, firstly in our chakras – but if we continue to ignore them, they begin to get buried deeper and get stuck in our muscles, our joints and in the organs, ultimately causing dis-ease if left unchecked.

This stuck energy has an emotional charge which, through energy healing, we are able to shift and dissolve, releasing it from the body. This enables our energy to flow freely once again, bringing us back into what is often called ‘balance,’ thereby enabling the body to heal itself.

What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is about doing the inner work and this comes in many different forms. Healing works on the energy system within the physical body and within the energy field. We carry our stories within us and through channelling energy, we can shift the emotions that have become blocked within the body.

As the energy begins to flow freely once again, we are emotionally clearing the electrical charges stored within the physical body: our stories, our limiting beliefs, our learnt behaviours and our conditioning. As you lean into the feelings you have supressed and buried deep within, you begin to let go of all that has been holding you back. It is extremely powerful stuff! This work comes under the titles of chakra balancing, emotional clearing, cord cutting, past life work, inner child work, working with the shadow self and also working with your ancestral lineage. It’s all about doing the inner work to enhance and fully embrace the outer experience. As you learn to lean into your feelings, you learn how to trust yourself and strive towards reaching your full human potential.

It is always easier to solve the problems that life throws at us as when we are calm, centred and in the present moment. We all hold so much wisdom within our bodies and through energy healing, we are able to tap into our own innate divine wisdom, our own divine intelligence. As we deepen into our own healing journeys, we are able to connect ever more deeply to who we truly are – spiritual beings having a human experience.

Who would you be if you got out of your own way?

Where Are You on Your Journey?

People choose to receive healing for all sorts of differing reasons. Some of us are aware that we are experiencing a problem, for example, we know that we are in pain, but we don’t know what to do about it and we may not even be aware of the cause of the problem itself, but we know it is time to seek help.

Others are aware that they need to do something but are unsure of the underlying cause or what it is that they need to do about it. The third group are the people who have previously received healing and know that it works for them, and they are ready to try a new modality and/or a new practitioner to assist them on their journey – they want to try a new approach to solve the problem.

Different modalities will work for different people and sometimes it will be trial and error. It isn’t only about finding the modality that works for you, it is also about finding the practitioner that resonates with you so that you feel safe as you open into your pains and hurts in order to lean into and resolve them. Trust your own instincts as to who you are drawn to but do please remember to only try one at a time so that you know who and what is working for you.

Why Choose Energy Healing?

Clients choose to book appointments for all sorts of differing reasons. As we now know, energy healing is one of the most effective ways of releasing old emotions stored within the physical body. The beauty too is that it is a calming, non-invasive treatment. You might be going through a medical condition and feel the need for emotional support to cope with all that you are having to deal with in this present moment.

I had the honour of working at a cancer support centre in London as a volunteer healer. At the centre we worked with clients receiving treatment and with their friends and family who were struggling with seeing their loved ones in pain. Energy healing can genuinely help support people as they cope with the emotional side effects of the medical treatment they are receiving in the form of helping to alleviate the side effects such as nausea; calming and soothing their nervous systems and thus assisting the healing process of the physical body with the treatment that they are receiving.

My work often attracts clients who have experienced PTSD, trauma in their childhood, people who have been sexually abused, raped, suffered child abuse or trauma in the workplace and those that have experience bereavement, a loved one dying, divorce and relationship breakups. Early childhood trauma has the ability to create blocks in the energy system which can then prevent healing, limit potential and create a whole range of problems – not only psychological but in terms of physical health as well. We know that NOT dealing with loss or grief effectively can have long-term, serious and negative flow-on effects. It can impact our relationships, sense of self and self-esteem – even our jobs or professional growth and development.

On the lighter side, people seek energy healing because they feel blocked and they don’t know how to move forwards. Whether it is looking for a new job, a new relationship or moving house, they somehow feel that they have hit an internal glass ceiling. By moving the stagnant energy held within their bodies, they begin to have the clarity to move forwards as they let go of the old stuck emotions and traumas, giving them the oomph to make that onwards leap.

The Healing Experience

The healing experience is different for every single one of us. I can’t begin to tell you how it might feel for you. Some people feel the energy moving as we work together; some people see colours and images while they are receiving healing and other people will have none of the above, but some of those who have no tangible experience during the healing session do come back for more sessions because they experience the benefits after the process.

A wonderful example is when my late mother asked to book an energy healing appointment. She was curious about my work and wanted to better understand what I was offering my clients, and it’s also important to note that she was in constant pain and an insomniac. However, it is worth pointing out that my mother and I had an extremely difficult relationship, so it was an interesting request because we were naturally both out of our comfort zones.

During the healing session she couldn’t feel the energy flow, while I could simultaneously sense her disbelief in what I was doing and her wondering whether anything was happening. Our lunch afterwards was awkward. But, to my utter surprise and most probably hers too, she telephoned me the very next day to tell me that she wasn’t in pain and that she had had a good night’s sleep. She wanted to know when she could book another appointment!

Another of my clients, whom I hadn’t seen for about four years, came to see me in some distress. She was due to get married in only a couple of weeks and she very sadly needed to ask one of her bridesmaids to step down. After we had finished the healing session, she immediately said that she felt more present than she had for a long time. She also emailed me a week later to thank me for the work we had done together and told me that what could have been a really stressful week had just fallen into place. She had been able to deal with everything that had been thrown at her and not stress about it. Needless to say, her wedding day was as magical as she had dreamt it would be.

Another client excitedly told me that she had purchased her first car. She explained that previously she hadn’t felt it was safe for her to drive as she hadn’t felt present in her physical body. After we had worked together for a few sessions, she finally felt grounded and safe enough to be let loose on the roads.

How I Work

I am an empath and I work kinaesthetically, using light touch as I read my client’s energy flow during the session, feeling where their energy is and isn’t moving through their chakras, their body and their energy system as a whole. This means that I often, initially, feel their physical symptoms in my own body, which shows me where I need to focus the energy flow as we dissolve away old pains and hurts. I also, quite often, use visualisations to assist the release of deeply buried emotions. This enables their energy to begin flowing freely once again and brings them back into that optimum flow state, in turn easing them back into balance.

I have not been afraid to go into the dark crevices of my own healing journey, which enables me to support you with your healing. We will only ever go as deep and as far as you are ready for.

Final Thoughts on the Benefits of Energy Healing

As I touched upon earlier, energy healing calms and soothes the nervous system, helping to bring the body back into homeostasis. This allows the body to reset as we retune its natural energy flow. We are often held back by the negative experiences in our lives whether by words, deeds, or actions. As we dissolve away the emotional charge behind these experiences, we are able to let go of the feelings of worthlessness, abandonment, self-sabotage, etc. We are able to let go of limiting beliefs and learnt behaviours that we may not even be aware of. We raise our energy flow and we begin to raise our energy vibration, enabling us to use our energy for change and empowering that change in positive ways.

We are all entitled to live our best lives. However, we could all use a little help every once in a while to help us do just that and that’s why energy healing truly is Radox for the soul.

If you would like to embark on your healing journey, please don’t hesitate to call me on +61 4 2451 8884 or email hello@pippaneve.com.


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