Nurturing Your Soul

You are a magical being and in nurturing your soul you allow yourself to sparkle and shine.

We all know that in order to nurture our physical body we need to focus on our diet and exercise but how do you nurture your soul, the essence of who you truly are? My belief is that as we nurture ourselves in mind, body and spirit, as we nurture ourselves mentally, emotionally and spiritually we naturally live happier lives. In our rapidly changing world, this is becoming ever more important.

Emotional and Spiritual Wellbeing

Our emotional and spiritual wellbeing impacts us in positive ways, both mentally and physically. Post the covid-19 pandemic, we have more understanding about the need to nurture our mental wellbeing. Taking time to nurture yourself, taking time to feed your soul will nourish you in truly wonderful ways. Deep down we all have the need for connection, for purpose and for inner happiness and the pandemic created a dreadful sense of loneliness. Through having to isolate, many of us were unable to connect with family and friends from overseas – myself included. I believe that we are still healing from the trauma of this collective experience and that now is a time to be gentle with ourselves, a time to deeply nurture ourselves.

Consciously nurturing yourself is a way of honouring who you truly are. As you gain clarity around what makes you happy you will begin to make positive choices in life, you will experience inner peace and you will deepen your connection with your inner self. When you deepen your connection to who you truly are, your heart sings and your soul shines brightly. In time you begin to connect to your inner knowings, your inner wisdom, and you deepen your relationship with yourself and with others.

How Do You Nurture Your Soul?

There are numerous ways to nurture your spiritual self and different things will appeal to different people. I’d like to share with you some of my favourite ways for choosing to nurture my soul and some of the wonderful ways I recommend to my clients nurture theirs.

  • Spending time in nature: I love my early morning walks with my dog, Boo. Sometimes we walk up to the local park and other times we head down to one of the local foreshores where Boo can enjoy a morning swim. As we walk, I often talk to the birds and the trees. I remember an old boyfriend laughing at me saying, ‘What would you do if they replied?’ I happily told him that they do!
  • Gentle exercise: My favourites are Pilates, qigong and yoga. For me, these exercises bring me into my body, being aware of the movement as I feel ever more aware of how amazing my body is and all it does to assist me in moving through each and every day.
  • Meditation: There are various different forms of meditation and unsurprisingly guided meditation is one of my favourites as it is easily accessible to those new to the art of meditation and deepens the experience of those who are regular in their practice. For me, meditation is a beautiful practice. As I sit in stillness, I receive clarity and understanding, enabling me to solve problems and receive divine guidance and understandings. I find that meditation is a great way to assist clients with being in the present moment because it is calming and soothing for the nervous system and enables you to better deal with the curve balls life throws at you. Through a regular meditation practice, you gain a deeper connection to who you truly are and to your life purpose.
  • Ho’oponopono: Ho’oponopono is a beautiful Hawaiian forgiveness prayer or practice. There are many different versions you can access online and I highly recommend you try different ones to see which works best for you. The basic premise, which I’ve shared before now, is: ‘I love you, please forgive me, I’m sorry, thank you.’ I can happily recommend some versions of the practice so do please contact me if you would like some help.
  • Grounding and centring: I talk all my clients, both healing clients and meditation clients, through a grounding and centring visualisation. I recommend it as a daily practice that is as important as brushing your teeth. It can be super quick but when I have the luxury of time I like to really see, feel and imagine my roots growing from the base of my spine and from the soles of my feet deep into Mother Earth. It is another practice that helps you to be ever more present in each and every moment.
  • Reading and listening to spiritual books and articles: I love reading spiritual books but I also enjoy listening to podcasts and audio books when I’m driving, travelling or even doing the ironing. There is so much wisdom to be shared; we are after all interconnected beings.
  • Journalling: Journalling is a great way to tap into your deep subconscious, connecting into your inner wisdom and to your own innate knowings. I suggest writing by hand rather than using a device as I see the arms and the hands as a direct extension for the heart so the more you write, the deeper this connection becomes and as you write from the heart, you will connect to your own innate inner wisdoms.
  • Space clearing: I love space clearing. It’s a fantastic way of energetically cleansing your home and or work space. When I do this for clients it is always interesting receiving feedback of how they experience and feel the energy shifts. I have my own space clearing practice using my singing bowl and burning white sage but can also highly recommend Palo Santo or incense – or of course locally grown herbs. These are great ways to clear negative, heavy energies, helping everything to feel lighter and brighter once again.
  • Healing: Healing is the perfect way to cleanse your energy system, helping you to raise your vibration and connect ever more fully to who you truly are. We all need support sometimes in our lives and I love receiving healing every now and again. I also absolutely love holding space for my clients as I channel healing energies to assist them on their individual healing journeys. Do please reach out if you would like my help.

This is not an exhaustive list, there are many, many other ways to nurture your soul, for example through art, music and dance to name a few. Do please get in touch and share with me how you like to nurture yourself, how you nurture your soul.

As you make time to nurture yourself you begin to tune into who your truly are, it becomes easier to listen to the wisdom within, letting your light shine out into the world for all to see and ultimately giving others permission to do the same. Give yourself time, you are worth it. It’s time to sparkle and shine!

If I can assist you in nuturing your soul, please don’t hesitate to call me on +61 4 2451 8884 or email


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