Do Healers Need Healing?

I was recently given a nudge by the Universe to share my thoughts (that have been bubbling away for quite some time!) on the subject of whether healers need healing themselves when I was approached by a prospective client, who is an energy healer like myself.

Working on yourself

As we chatted, it became apparent that they were feeling in turmoil about reaching out for support because they believed that they ought to be able to heal what they were moving through themselves, in light of the fact that they are attuned to and were trained in a modality that – like all spiritual healing modalities – can be used for self-healing work in addition to helping others.

Indeed, during my own training in spiritual healing, I naturally learnt to work on my own energy, as this prospective client would have done too: it is something that all good healers are taught to do. We are all encouraged to work on ourselves and we are taught to clear our own energy fields, and rightly so – but every so often we need assistance from someone else and I want to share that it’s perfectly okay to reach out for help at those times.

Reaching out for help

All the various modalities I have studied have their own techniques and as powerful and thorough as they are, sometimes things happen in life that throw us off-kilter and we just need a little external support. I promise you; it doesn’t mean that you are no good at what you do – all it means is that you are human!

In fact, when I sat and leaned into my thoughts on this topic, I realised that all the best healers I know (some of whom I am privileged to call my mentors) have their own healers that they turn to during times when they need to be held. For me, when I go for an energy healing session with another healer, I see it as about being the absolute best I can be for myself and for my clients – I would go as far as to say that I perceive having semi-regular healing sessions as being an essential part of my self-care practices.

Being your best

In a recent podcast interview for Sounds A Bit Woo Woo To Me, the lovely Becky Taylor asked me if I work with anybody that helps me and I replied as follows:

“Absolutely! I’ve got a lot of clients that are healers and I see a few healers myself when and if I need it. I, of course, work on myself regularly, but it’s just nice sometimes to be able to lie on someone else’s healing couch and say, ‘I need some help’ and there’s no shame in that. If you think about all the top sports people, they have coaches to constantly improve their game. I’m always trying to be the very best I can be for my clients. So, there’s no shame in having some assistance from other healers.” 

Thinking on what I said during the interview now, it’s fairly widely known that many prominent athletes actually have multiple coaches and the success of these sports stars is undoubtedly testament in part to having had that additional, multi-layered support system in place. The way I see it, being a healer who seeks healing from other practitioners is no different.


As a professional energy healer, I’ve come to learn that what our clients are going through can occasionally trigger us and at times we need assistance in clearing whatever has come to the surface to be healed. It is well known that as healers, we often draw to us clients who mirror our own wounds. If left unchecked, this can bring our pains and hurts to the surface. As we venture more into our own shadow and into our individual healing journey as healers, we will begin to attract those clients who are in desperate need of who we are and what we offer rather than their experiences becoming a mirror image reflection of our own wounds. It’s safe to say that in working with others, we are often able to go deeper into our shadow than working soul-ly alone.

Please let me reassure you that there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to feel ashamed about seeking healing from another healer. It’s okay, everybody needs help sometimes. The way I see it, we could all benefit from caring about each other a little bit more!

Support your healing journey

I adore working with clients who are healers themselves. Below are a just a couple of testimonials from healers who have reached out to me for energy healing.

“Pippa is a powerful healer with a very gentle touch. During sessions with Pippa, I’ve felt my energy shift and I developed a stronger connection with myself.” MS – Australia

“Thanks so much, the session felt really big! I feel a total paradigm shift…” DL – Australia

Please do get in touch if you’d like my support on your own healing journey, or call me on +61 4 2451 8884.

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