The Three Levels of Spiritual Awakening

The Three Levels of Spiritual Awakening

I can hardly believe that I have been on this planet for 60 years! I definitely don’t feel old enough for it to be true yet here I am sitting writing my blog on my 60th birthday. My new mantra is ‘60 is the new 40’. I certainly feel more confident in myself: I’m loving life, I feel fitter than I did (certainly than in my forties), and as far as I am concerned life just gets better and better. I am excited to be stepping into a new decade!

My belief is that we are spiritual beings having a human experience as we journey through life. It is our choice whether we choose this journey to be a conscious one or not. It is always a choice; I’m not suggesting that it is necessarily an easy one to make but nevertheless it is a choice. The more conscious we are the easier the journey is but life will continue to throw us curveballs every now and again – we are after all human. The joy is that the challenges we face become easier to navigate the more present we are. Each step along the way takes us closer to being all that we came here to be and being comfortable with all that we truly are: amazing beings, having a human experience on a journey of self-discovery as we continue to evolve.

Stepping into our innate gifts and sharing them with the world around us.

Shimmering and shining as we embody life, living in joy!

My Earlier Years

I spent much of my earlier years living in fear, wishing I was somewhere other than where I actually was. I focused more on the past rather than living in the present. I was continually frightened about what might happen next and how members of my family might react in any given moment rather than focusing on what was actually happening. I became a people pleaser in order to navigate and survive what felt like an unsafe world. Quite simply, I was scared of my own shadow.

By my early twenties I was living in London and building myself a good career. Outwardly to those that didn’t know me, I came across as self-confident and self-assured. Internally though I was a mess and those who know me well could see through the mask. I was an emotional quagmire: I used alcohol to numb the pain of low self-confidence, low self-esteem and almost no sense of self-worth. I wasn’t an alcoholic however and thank goodness that somewhere along the way, I began my own healing journey and my life since has gone from strength to strength.

I had to have courage, with the help of various therapists, to open Pandora’s Box. It hasn’t always been easy and there have been some huge challenges but I wouldn’t miss any of it because as I have dived deeper into my own pains and hurts I have been able to let go of old learnt behaviours and limiting beliefs that have been stopping me from living in joy. Life felt so challenging that in my early twenties I attempted to take an overdose. I hadn’t planned it and I think I scared myself more than anyone else but it was a huge turning point for me.

My Emotional Awareness Awakening

We generally activate our emotional awareness between the ages of 18-22, our mental awareness between 28-32 and our spiritual awareness between 38-42. This is not written in stone and many of you will experience each of these at the perfect time for you but for my own personal journey, my attempted overdose was definitely my emotional awareness awakening.

The next few years certainly had their challenges but slowly I began to understand myself more and more. My then-boyfriend and I were buying our first property together. I remember the day he told me that he was worried I was falling in love with him and that he didn’t love me. People Pleaser Pippa stepped in to reassure him that it wasn’t the case but in truth I was and the world dropped out from under me. Stupidly we went through with the purchase and naturally it was a disaster. Ironically, as I built my wall of protection around my heart, he began to fall in love with me.

After we spilt up I saved some money and went travelling, which for someone who felt unsafe everywhere and anywhere was a huge undertaking. I had a great time, but I wasn’t anywhere as brave as I could have been. While I was in staying with friends in New Zealand, I began to awaken deeper into my soul’s journey and knew I wanted to be a healer. Although at this stage I had no understanding of how it would come into being, I could feel a deep knowing begin to awaken within me.

My Mental Awakening: Hearing the Inner Voice

I returned to work in the financial sector in London but soon became disillusioned and bored. My brother came to visit at one point and we went with some friends to a jazz club in Oxford Street. The music was so loud and fantastic that we couldn’t maintain a conversation so I sat in my own thoughts as I enjoyed the evening. It was there that I had my mental awakening.

I can only surmise that I heard my inner voice, the voice of my guides and my team, suggesting that I trained to become a teacher. I laughed at myself: what did I know?! What could I teach? The only thing I believed myself to be any good at was accounts, but I wanted to teach little ones. Do they even offer accounts training to 4-year-olds?

I can’t begin to explain the pull inside me but I knew I had the desire to give something back to society – it was time. I ran this crazy idea of training to become a teacher with everyone and anyone who’d listen. Almost everyone suggested that it was the most obvious thing in the world, expect my parents. My mother told me I couldn’t possibly manage it and when I ran it past my father, after a few harsh words, he then didn’t speak to me for two years. I planned to wait a year, save up and apply but a friend asked me why I was waiting and therefore giving myself time to talk myself out of it. Good point!

I applied and was initially rejected but that night I went to a drinks party and met a girl who was on the same course I had applied for and who had also been rejected at first. She told me to ring and enquire, which I duly did, and was told by the Head of the Education Department that I was absolutely the type of student they were looking for: there had been an admin error and he offered me a place on the spot on the understanding that by law he had to interview me. The girl I met at that drinks party became and still is a dear friend of mine.

Giving up my income and studying full-time after not having studied for over 10 years was challenging and to give them their dues my brother and mother certainly deserve the credit of proofreading almost every assignment I had to write over the period of my 4-year degree.

The initial training was particularly testing as we were asked to pull on our own childhood experiences. I quickly began to understand that I had no memory of my childhood as I had blanked it all from my conscious memory. Later in my journey, as I chose to dive deeper into Pandora’s Box, I began to remember what I’d buried and understand why I hadn’t wanted to remember, and slowly began to let go and open into my own healing journey.

My Spiritual Awakening

My spiritual awakening began on a more conscious level when I commenced exploring various healing modalities with the knowledge and desire to step fully onto my path as a healer. Whilst training, I began to visit various healers offering different modalities with the desire to explore what did and didn’t work for me, but very much also observing at the same time how each one worked and how they set up their own healing clinics so that I could be the very best version of myself once I was ready to open my own healing practice.

It has been an emotional and sometimes heart-wrenching journey but my life has changed beyond measure. I am passionate about the work I do and I understand the power it has to change all of our lives in the most positive and wonderful ways, including mine. I believe that we are all a work in progress while we are in human form; we all have good days and bad days, so we need to be gentle with ourselves.

I continue to work on myself and will go on doing so until the day I die but at 60 I have never been happier, felt healthier or been more positive about this new decade and beyond.

Work With Me

Please do get in touch if you’d like my support as I’d love to assist you on your healing journey and guide you through meditation. You can contact me on +61 4 2451 8884 or email

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