Life After Covid

Finding a Positive Way Forwards

In the aftermath of Covid, many people are reporting feeling anxious, uneasy and stressed with every twist and turn life is offering at present, and there are also an increasing number of people reaching out to me about wanting to improve their lives and their relationships. Many say that they are feeling stuck and others are suffering from PTSD.

The good news is that healing and guided meditation are two absolutely wonderful means to assist with these issues and many more, and I’m so pleased to be able to support people in utilising both of these tools on their healing journeys.

The benefits of healing

Healing is a deeply nourishing means of assisting anyone who has experienced trauma, loss and/or grief. It also helps with relationship issues and is perfect for supporting overall mental and emotional wellbeing in a holistic way. I love all that healing has to offer; it improves your health and energy levels, can help with poor sleep, alleviates stress, anxiety and depression, and it helps with releasing pains, fears and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you.

Feel lighter and brighter

I also find that healing facilitates clearing mental patterns, leaving you feel lighter and brighter. It can work on clearing emotional issues and experiences from your past that have been holding you back, enabling you to feel grounded, centred, calm and refreshed and – most importantly – it aids you in finding a positive way forwards with all manner of situations in your life.

Please do get in touch if you are interested in exploring whether healing might be a nurturing and supportive tool for you, or call me on +61 4 2451 8884.

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