And Breathe

Have you ever been in an exercise class where the instructor has said ‘And breathe?’ I have, many times, and if I don’t say it aloud, I always quietly say to myself by way of response: ‘You want me to do that too?!’

Many of us take our breath for granted, yet it is our life force. It is simply magical and I feel it’s time for us all to be more aware of our breathing so we can harness the breath to assist us in each and every moment.

Focusing on the Breath

Our breathing is part of our autonomic nervous system, which is comprised of the systems that regulate our bodily functions – the ones that happen without us needing to think about them or to focus on them. Yet when we learn to focus on the breath, we are able to access a place of stillness within and we can use the breath as an extremely powerful healing tool.

We take our first breath on entering the world and our last as we leave and there are many times in-between when we are completely unaware of our breathing. I invite you to take a moment to close your eyes and focus on your breath. Become aware of your ‘in’ breath and your ‘out’ breath, don’t try and change its rhythm, just notice it as it is. Begin to follow the breath, noticing whether you breathe deeply into your belly or perhaps your breath is shallower, so you notice as you breathe into your chest instead.

Meditation and Our Breath

Through the art of meditation, we focus in on our breathing. Some like to feel the sensation of the breath coming in through the nostrils, others breathing through their heart centre or breathing deep into the belly. In time and with practice, you can begin to focus on the space between the inhale and the exhale, noticing what is commonly referred to as ‘pause and rest.’ For many years, my own breathing was shallow, almost as if I were frightened by life itself. Through my own healing and meditation journeys, I have learnt how to use my breath to assist me in truly enjoying my life in ways I previously could not have imagined possible.

How Stress Affects Our Breath

When we are in pain or discomfort, or when we are experiencing something in life we deem to be unpleasant, many of us try to ignore what’s happing: we often tense in an attempt to prevent the ‘now’ moment and pretend that it isn’t happening. We push the pain away by ignoring it; pushing through until it goes away, or possibly by creating pain elsewhere in order to ignore the pain we are experiencing in the present moment. In my experience what we are doing is suppressing the pain or discomfort by squashing it down, so to speak; pushing it down into the body and as we do so it gets trapped within the realms of the physical body. Left unchecked, these difficult feelings ultimately move into our muscles and into our organs, causing dis-ease and illness.

Yet, it’s not all doom and gloom because the good news is that our physical bodies have a natural propensity to heal and in using our breath we can release these old, trapped emotions, thereby releasing the lingering pains, hurts and traumas stored deep within the body. How incredibly powerful is that?

Using the Breath in Energy Healing

During energy healing sessions with my clients, as I am channelling energy to assist the healing process I often talk my clients through visualisations to assist them in releasing these deeply buried pains, hurts and traumas experienced that have been stored in the physical body. I also ask my clients to breathe into any pain or discomfort as it arises rather than tensing and trying to ignore it because as we breathe into the pain or discomfort, we are able to acknowledge whatever has been suppressed, ignored and locked deep within the body. We do not have to re-live the experience, because we tap into the body’s natural wisdom. Instead, we are able use the breath and the healing energies to dissolve these long-held emotions, freeing them from the body and once again creating positive flow within the energy system.

This is a big part of the healing process and although it can cause some discomfort during the release process, clients often report feeling lighter, feeling a wonderful sense of lightness and the ability to move forwards. These shifts can assist clients in seeing situations from a new perspective, giving them new ways of moving forwards that they may not have been able to realise or access previously. The healing energies and the breath work can release physical pains that were previously being experienced as well as clearing blocks that have impacted relationships both personally and professionally, enabling them to let go, to accelerate on their paths and support them whether they are looking for a new job, a new relationship or a completely new way of being; having the clarity and understanding to make the changes needed and giving them the ‘oomph’ required to create the conditions for positive transformation.

Your breath is magical

Remember that your breath is magical and as you gently focus on your ‘in’ breath and then your ‘out’ breath, it calms and soothes your nervous system, enabling you to deal with the curveballs life throws at you.

Let your breath assist you in being ever more present in each and every moment. Let your breath assist you in accessing the wisdom within.

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