We all live in various societies around the world and I’ve come to realise through interacting with people from across the globe and from all walks of life – both in a personal and professional capacity – that many of us have spent so long giving far too much care, attention and energy to what those around us think rather than what we feel and know to be true on a deeper emotional and soul level. It makes me sad that so many of us keep the full, lustrous brilliance of who we inherently are hidden away and that we have been socialised not to “show off” for fear of judgement, criticism and ridicule.

Enough is enough!

I’ve decided that the time has come to say, enough is enough with this dimming down we are prone to doing and I want to let you into a secret… It is absolutely time to step into who you are. 

Now is the time to step into who you came here to be, which is your true authentic self.

Your true authentic self

I want to remind you that you didn’t come here to please the masses, to blend into the crowd and go unnoticed – that’s not your soul’s purpose in this lifetime. You came into this life with a purpose, with a plan to be you… to be the wonderfully unique and creative self that is a magical piece of the collective.

You came here to be you, you came here to sparkle and shine, to express yourself in your own distinctive way in the form of how you dress, the work you do, how you style your hair and your personality – that gorgeously creative part of your being needs to be expressed in its own unique and wonderful way.

Let me whisper gently in your ear that you are loved for your uniqueness. If only you could see yourself how Spirit sees you in all of your splendid glory, the world would be a very different place!

Let your light shine

Let your light shine as you step into your own magnificence. Stop trying to blend in and instead allow yourself to stand out, allow yourself to sparkle brightly. Let yourself be seen. You do you – you are wonderful, you are magic, you are beautiful. Love what you are, now and always.

Healing and meditation are two wonderful tools to help you step into your own power to be all you came here to be, to be all that you know you truly are deep within you as we work together to help let go of old limiting beliefs and learnt behaviours that have been stopping and blocking you. When you are able to connect to your own inner joy after relinquishing the heavy cloak of those outmoded ways of being, that’s when the delicious, glittering magic of personal transformation happens.

You do you. Let your light shine. 

Please do get in touch if you’d like my support on your own healing journey, or call me on +61 4 2451 8884.

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