The Benefits and Joys of Guided Meditation

Let’s Meditate Together…

Meditation is amazing! It is the perfect self-care solution for busy people. I have been running guided meditation groups and working with clients on a one-to-one basis for over 15 years and I love observing the positive shifts and changes that occur from a regular meditation practice. I delight in assisting my clients in accessing that place of inner stillness deep within and I very much hope that in reading this blog you too will choose to join me in guided meditation.

Different Types of Meditation

People around the world have been practicing meditation in one form of another for thousands of years, but it is only in the last few decades that it has become a mainstream practice, often in the form of mindfulness, although there are many varying styles and techniques which come under the heading ‘meditation.’ These include:

  • The use of a mantra, which is quietly repeated until you enter a place of deep inner stillness.
  • Metta, which is also known as ‘loving-kindness meditation,’ whereby you intentionally use affirmations and visualisations to cultivate feelings of love and kindness within yourself.
  • Other forms of meditation focus on different breathing styles, whereby the focus is on using the breath to help you enter a place of deep inner stillness.

My preference is for guided meditation (more on this below) and I want to share with you the benefits and joys of a regular meditation practice.

Getting Started With Meditation

Meditation is a wonderful tool to assist you in being calm, relaxed and balanced as you move through your day. It doesn’t have to take long, simply a few moments focusing on your breath can calm and soothe you. I choose to breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth, but some meditation practices have a specific breathing pattern. Your breath is magical, it is your life force and through your meditation practice you can feel a positive shift in your energy levels.

Each person’s meditation practice is unique to them so play with it and find out what works best for you. Make yourself comfortable, however that might be for you, either sitting or lying down. Close your eyes and begin to focus on your breathing, focusing on your in breath and then on your out breath. Breathe in silence or while listening to music as you gently and slowly allow the noises of the outside world to dissolve away. Our meditation practice teaches us to be in the present moment and in this moment all we have to do is breathe in, breathe out and just ‘be’.

The Art of Meditation

Those new to meditation often think that we are expected to stop our thoughts altogether, but we are human, our minds are always active. The art of meditation isn’t to stop our thinking but to simply notice that we have become distracted by our thoughts and bring ourselves, once again, back to focusing on our breath. In other words, not to let our thoughts distract us. Meditation takes practice and is rewarded with the amazing benefits it has to offer. Thoughts come and go; we don’t switch them off, we just choose not to be distracted by them in the present moment. We choose not to go down the rabbit hole.

As the body starts to relax the mind follows. You begin to feel the tensions releasing, you begin to feel lighter as you let go. The more you commit to a regular meditation practice the easier it becomes. Meditation quietens the active mind and brings your attention to the present moment, to the peace, the quiet and the bliss.

Meditation and Wellbeing

We have created a world where many of us are in a constant state of fight or flight. This holds us in a state of stress, and if this stress is ongoing it causes damage to our health and wellbeing. As we learn to sit in that still, calm space within, we begin to bring a sense of peace and calm to our mind, body, and soul. It is our calmness that brings us back to the resting state of balance, rewiring our nervous system and creating a natural state of homeostasis within the body. This offers us time for contemplation, enabling us to release pains and hurts that we have been holding on to. You still feel the same emotions, but you don’t get lost in them as you used to; you learn how to experience your emotions without getting caught up in the story and this enables you to find a way to move forwards.

Meditation aids self-compassion, self-knowledge and self-awareness. As you deepen and strengthen your meditation practice you come home to yourself and in time, connect to the best possible version of yourself. You naturally give yourself permission to lean into your feelings. We can often feel overwhelmed in the busy world outside of ourselves and a meditation practice gives us the opportunity to rebalance, refocus and re-centre because it is such a fabulous tool for self-reflection.

Meditation and Intuition

Meditation is an incredible tool in helping us re-connect to who we truly are and as we deepen that beautiful connection, we learn to trust our instincts and follow our own intuition. This helps us to find the answers we are looking for deep within, stepping into our own innate and deep inner knowingness. We are giving ourselves permission to take a step back from the unknowns in front of us as we learn to gently and slowly move forwards one precious step at a time. Our intuition is a guiding force that we need to learn to trust. The more we deepen and strengthen that trust the more reliable it becomes.

All the answers we need truly are within. As you lean in, as you learn to feel your feelings, noticing how your body feels and trusting what it is telling you, you begin to have stronger boundaries and you learn to say no. As you do these things you create the most amazing connection to your body, to your inner knowing and to your higher self, and that’s when the magic begins to happen, as you connect to your creative, wise self.

Step into your sovereignty, hold your own integrity, listen to the quiet voice inside yourself and trust.

Meditation and Seeking Guidance

We can’t control what’s going on in the outside world, but we can control how we react to it. As you deepen your meditation practice you can set an intention, ask a question, or ask for guidance before you begin your meditation. Once you have asked, let it go and trust; the answer generally comes later. You may receive inspiration, a new idea, or a way to solve a particular problem or situation. As you sit in stillness you learn to drop into your heart space and as you sit quietly with your breath, you begin to allow yourself to feel your feelings and the answers come. If you give yourself the space to listen to your fears and emotions and it becomes easier to make positive choices.

Meditation and Difficult Feelings

We all have difficult and complex feelings, and it is important to give ourselves the space and time to honour those feelings. Heartbreak is a part of life, as is pain. Sit with what you’re feeling and allow it to show you something. We can be very harsh on ourselves, judgemental and full of self-loathing. In acknowledging what comes up for us, we can begin to let it go. As we sit with our breath, we drop into that still, calm space deep within our heart centre and we connect to the oneness of all things. Our meditation practice brings us back to our centre. Feeling into your emotions helps to take away from their power as they dissolve away and you begin to move forwards with grace and ease.

Meditation is and should be a joyful experience! It takes time to learn to still your mind – we all have good days and bad days, so be gentle with yourself. A regular practice can have a profound effect on your life; it can improve your focus and intention, relieve stress and improve self-awareness. You are able to choose what to focus your attention on. When you are frustrated, angry or scared you begin to realise that you have a choice to do things differently.

Let your breath assist you in being ever more present in each and every moment. It’s time to fall in love with who you truly are.

Guided Meditation

Guided meditation uses imagery to create both a visual and sensory experience, whilst also giving the monkey mind a job to do. This in turn leads to less distraction. It is one of the easiest ways to access a state of deep relaxation and inner stillness. Whether you are new to meditation or have a regular practice I highly recommend guided meditation as many of my clients share the feedback that my meditations take them into a deeper space. Let my voice guide and soothe you on a wonderful journey to access your own deep innate inner knowing.

Meditating With Me

My meditations include taking you on journeys out in nature, meditations to soften, open and expand your heart centre, healing meditations (including my signature chakra meditations) and meditations to assist you on your spiritual journey of awakening and expansion. Each week the intention is to take you into a place of inner stillness, inner calm, giving you the ability to press the reset button and access the wisdom within as you connect ever more deeply to all that you truly are.

All of my meditations help you deepen and strengthen your ability to ground and centre your energy, assisting in connecting with your breath and learning to be present in the ‘now’ moment. Many clients have reported that these group meditations deepen their own personal practice so whether you are new to meditation or have a regular practice, why not come and bathe in the gorgeous vibrational energies created through group meditations. These gatherings truly make my heart sing.

Meditating as a group helps to raise the vibration for everyone present, creating a wonderful energy in which to meditate, give yourself permission to relax and let go, quieten your mind and bring yourself back to joy.

Please do get in touch if you’d like my support, I’d love to assist you on your healing journey and guide you through meditation. You can contact me on +61 4 2451 8884 or email

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