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When I was going through some gruelling cancer treatment, my healing sessions with Pippa became a lifeline for me. Her healing room was solace to my soul and a very safe haven when I was vulnerable. Her integrity is absolute and our friendship endures. September 2019

PH, London

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Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

“Pippa has a wonderful warmth and integrity, which immediately relaxes you. I have found her healing really helpful and she is incredibly generous in her work. I would highly recommend her.” – November 2, 2011

Ali Cook

You have made a huge difference to my life, you have moved me into the right direction in the universe and I feel more and more peaceful within myself. I trust my instinct which turned out which is the best thing I have ever done. Not doubting myself and things fall into place. This is down to your beautiful self and your healing gift. Thank you so much for that – it means so much to me and everyone around me.

Rixa, London

It gives me great pleasure to recommend Pippa for angelic healing. Pippa’s professionalism and relaxed nature made my healing a heavenly experience. Pippa has a knack for creating a comfortable environment in which you can truly unwind.

Lincoln, Sydney

Pippa Neve’s guided meditations literally guide you into your inner world where one can find a sense of freedom from the superficial anxieties of life and begin to understand that it is the spirit inside which is holds the true sense of peace which we all strive to find.

Her melodic voice and guided adventures makes the whole experience a treat for the mind and soul where one can drift off on a mini holiday from the stresses of life.

I highly recommend trying this wonderful experience, you will not know how you managed without it!

Claire, London

Pippa Neve is a wonderful healer and has a beautiful, graceful aura and energy. She was an integral part of my healing process and helped me during a period of intense grief. Pippa uses gentle meditation techniques and a range of beautiful essences and aura sprays. Pippa assisted me in the art of letting go, managing my anxiety and my overall well being and helped to rebalance my energy. After a healing session with Pippa, I felt that my energy levels were rebalanced and I felt at peace. I would recommend Pippa’s healing techniques for anyone feeling depleted, drained or going through any period of grief, loss or transition. I am still having regular sessions with Pippa, as it helps me to feel balanced, aligned and energised.

Kellie, Sydney

I am a 46 years old Italian psychologist. After my diagnosis with an aggressive form of breast cancer, I decided to try alternative treatments. I met Pippa Neve at a cancer support centre where she was working as a healer. I immediately felt at ease with Pippa’s professional manner which helped me to feel totally safe. I have seen many benefits including; physical relief from pain and tension, recharged energy resources, precious advice poignant to me and I am more in tune with my body and feel more grounded. Having worked in the financial world, Pippa is professional yet generous and full of love in her work as a healer but never oversteps the mark.

Dr Elisabetta MannaPsychologist

I was amazed by the deep sense of peace and calmness that I felt after my first healing session. I really was smiling from the inside out. It’s easy for life’s day-to-day grind to knock that sense out of you, but a diagnosis of cancer is like a sideswipe from a juggernaut and every part of you goes into retreat. Healing has helped me to restore my sense of self and has brought balance back into my life. I feel relaxed and energized after each session and able to face my treatment regime. Pippa is an amazing listener and brings a unique focus to each of our sessions.

Crisis ManagerCivil Service

Pippa’s openness and warmth make for a wonderful healing atmosphere and after a meditation led by her I invariably feel buoyant and positive yet wholly at peace.  The benefits of my weekly sessions with her have been tremendous and I have come to regard them as essential to my well being.

TK Earlsfield, London

When I started consulting with Pippa I was feeling very negative, had little enthusiasm for anything and lacked direction in my life. Within a couple of sessions of working together I felt altogether more positive and started taking steps towards a career I have always wanted to pursue but never had the nerve to do. Thank you Pippa. It helped me turn my life on its head after many years of unhappiness and frustration.

EPPutney, London